The Perche in Normandy starting from Bellême. Unforgettable holidays throughout the year.
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The Perche, a Regional Natural Park, is an area with its own character and traditions!

A patchwork of small fields surrounded by hedges, small lakes and forests, 
where they still raise the Percheron horse. A solid companion and emblematic figure.

Nogent le Rotrou : The capital of the Perche, is dominated by the silhouette of
the château Saint Jean, a fortress that dominates the valley of the river Huisne and 
defended the Conty of the Perche.

It’s when taking the « quiet roads of the Perche », whether on foot, on horseback, by
bicycle, or by car that the exceptional outline of the chateau at La ferté-Vidame reveals itself,
the home of the Duke of Saint-Simon, biographer of Louis 14th,
as well as that of Frazé, also manors and abbeys such as that at Thiron-Gardais.
A multitude of hidden treasures, assorted buildings that form part of the rural heritage or churches with friezes, such as the one that can be seen in the chapels of the churches at Réveillon and Frétigny, which during the spring music festival “Printemps Musical du Perche”

A very beautiful region…peaceful, ideal for long walks in the enchanting forests with its magnificent countryside to be discovered.

It is also the territory of chateaux, manors, splendid residences, abbeys, old farms and Percheron horses.

A six-day tour around Bellême:

First day:
The manor of Courboyer at Nocé
 (10 minutes from Bellême)
Housing the offices and information centre of the Perche Regional Natural Park.

Visit to Mortagne au Perche
 (30 minutes from Nocé & 12 from Bellême)
The gateway Saint-Denis,
The cloister of the ancient convent Saint-François,
The Church Notre Dame de Mortagne
The residence Louis XV

The Perche Regional Natural Park with its head office and information centre at the Manor of Courboyer at Nocé
Tourist information : Tel : 02 33 25 70 10. A stroll around the charming village of Bellême. Enjoy a walk in the forest… 

Second day:
Visit the château Feugerets at La Chapelle Souëf. (6 minutes from Bellême)
Admire the château of Feugerets, the walls, the roof and the two guard posts at the entry, its tower, the formal reception court and the gateway with its pillars; the moat, its walls and bridge; the terrace and supporting walls and the double spiralled staircase; the exterior walls and the roofs of the two assembly buildings; the dovecote referred to as Sainte Barbes tour; the exterior and roof of the building referred to as the gardeners cottage, the exterior and roof of the orangery and attached green house.

The crypt and the church at Saint Germain de la Coudre. (5 minutes from La Chapelle Souëf and 10 from Bellême)

The county art and traditions of the Perche museum at Saint Cyr la Rosière. (7 minutes from La Chapelle Souë and 9 minutes from Bellême)

The former priory at Sainte Gauburge and the extravagant font in the priory’s church, the chapel parish church at Cléméncé.

Admire the countryside around the village of Saint Germain de la Coudre. (20 minutes from Saint Cyr la Rosiière and 10 from Bellême)

Take a walking tour of Ceton, Saint Pierre’s church classed as an historic monument, and the chateau of Glaye.
 (20 minutes from Saint Germain de la Coudre and 24 from Bellême)

Third day:
Visit La Ferté Bernard and the Notre Dame des Marais church. (24 minutes from Bellême)
The château at Montmirail (16th century)
Mondoubleau, (30 minutes from La Ferté Bernard and 25 from Bellême)
The remains of the old tower, the church and charming half-timbered houses,
.The lorry museum!

Fourth day:
Visit the Knights Templar church and command post at Arville. (20 minutes from Bellême)
Nogent Le Rotrou, the town, its château and the former abbey Saint Denis de Nogent.
 (30 minutes from Arville and 20 from Bellême)

Fifth day:
The manor The Lubinière at Préaux du Perche. (12 minutes from Bellême)
The manor of Courboyer at Nocé. (7 minutes from Préaux du Perche and 10 from Bellême)
The manor of Vaujours at Remalard. (10 minutes from Nocé and 16 from Bellême)

Sixth day:
The cathedral at Sées dating from the 13th century, an agreeable mixture of elements typical of the Norman Gothic style…Sound and light show, the “Musilumières of Sées” ( 35 minutes from Bellême)
County museum of Religious Art, open from 1st July to 30th September , 10am to 6pm daily, except Tuesday.
Cathedral (12th – 13th century) - Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (19th century) – Abbey St. Martin (12th and 13th century, private property)
The Notre Dame of the Place church (16th century mouldings) – Chapel (13th century).
Hôtel-Dieu (listed chapel with paintings by Conté) – Palace d’Argentré (former 18th century bishop’s residence)
Footpath ‘Vivier’ around the town – Walking circuits ‘Sources of the river Orne.

Basilica at LA CHAPELLE MONTLIGEON (36 minutes from Sées and 18 from Bellême)
In 1884 the abbot Buguet founded a charity to save the souls of those sent to purgatory.
Noble and holy project which lead to the construction , from 1894 to 1911, the Church Notre Dame by the architect Tessier. Location: close to Mortagne au Perche.

The Perche Regional Natural Park :
This natural park covers 182.000 hectares around Bellême, Mortagne au Perche and Nogent Le Rotrou.

Chateaux and Manors :
Manor of Courboyer (9 minutes from Bellême)
Magnificent 15th century manor in situate on the boundaries of Nocé.
The Courboyer manor at Nocé (in the Orne) houses the head quarters and information centre of the Perche Regional Natural Park
In the heart of the Normandy Maine Park:
Saint Céneri le Gérei : one of the most beautiful villages in France, in the heart of the Normandy Maine Natural Park. (45 minutes from Bellême)
Saint Céneri le Gérei is huddled in a bend of the river Sarthe. Visit its narrow streets, the magnificent roman church, the spring with its miraculous properties, to which the village owes its origins and the surrounding woodlands.
The château of Maison- Maugis (17th century). (16 minutes from Bellême)
Contact : Béatrice Saalburg : tele + fax : 0233 73 81 02
The 10th century château at Ferté Fresnel : ( 50 minutes from Bellême)
Tele : 0233 24 23 23
To see: the park laid out in the traditional French style, comprising bridge, moats, meandering water, lake, statuettes, flower beds, avenues, a multitude of specimen trees and shrubs.
Examples of topiary (benches in elm) spread out over 20 hectares, as well as the grounds of the chateau, wood and forest covering 80 hectares.

Manor and gardens at Pontgirard, 16th century manor (18 minutes from Bellême)
Extraordinary gardens: wells, marshes, fountains, collection of medicinal herbs…
61290 Monceaux-au-Perche
Tel: 0233 73 61 49

Château de Sassy (18th century) (49 minutes from Bellême)
The gardens of the château Sassy, a masterpiece
61570 Saint-Christophe-le-Jajolet
Tél: 0233 35 32 66

Château of Carrouges (14th century) (50 minutes away from Bellême)
Owned by the same family for many generations. Seeped in history, it has remained preserved, thanks to the quality of its furniture dating from the Renaissance to the Restoration periods, the richness of the numerous family portraits, its unique charm.
Carrouges built of subtly coloured bricks forming long walls; complicated timber structured slate covered steep roofs, with granite corner stones. The park (10 hectares) acts like a plinth setting off the chateau with its gardens,
clumps of trees, flower covered terraces, extensive well-kept flowerbeds.
guided tour (45 mins)

Parks and gardens :
Saint Céneri le Gérei: The nine gardens of the Mansonière – Well worth the detour: (45 minutes from Bellême)
Tel: 0233 26 73 24

Arboretum at Miemaigne (30 minutes from Bellême)
Botanic conservatory with its specimen apple and pear trees.

Garden of the Feuilleraie La Cicotière at Happonvilliers (42 minutes from Bellême)
The mosaic covered terraces, walls, pillars, pools, planters….

Garden ‘Francois Le Clos at Préaux du Perche (10 minutes from Bellême)
This privately owned modern garden, open to the public, is a rare example, which brings together, on a large scale, open spaces, collections of plants, built features and buildings. 
fragrant garden, collections of vegetables, Percheron style garden.

Garden of the Houdrière at Beaumont les Autels (29 minutes from Bellême)
A collection of more than 600 varieties of trees, conifers, roses, wisterias, bedding plants encircling an old Percheron farmhouse.

Garden of the manor of Pontgirard at Monceaux au Perche (18 minutes from Bellême)
Historic gardens and manor with remarkable surroundings. Fragrant garden

Park & gardens of Méheudin at Ecouché (59 minutes from Bellême)

The park of the abbey at Thiron-Gardais (30 minutes from Bellême)
Four hectares of truly magnificent medieval parkland composed of a fishpond and different gardens on the site of a prestigious former 12th to 17th century abbey.

Botanic garden, garden to relax in, monks’ garden, medieval garden, vegetable plot, medicinal herbs.

Park of the château Lorière at La Rouge (18 minutes from Bellême)
English-style park created in the 19th century around a château constructed in the 18th century. The site is classed as an historic monument.

Park of the château of the Vaux at St Maurice – St Germain (39 minutes from Bellême)
French and English style gardens, formal garden, arboretum, greenhouse and orangry.

Mortagne au Perche: the international capital of ‘black pudding’ (12 minutes from Bellême)
17 kilometers from Bellême

Worth a visit :
Church Notre-Dame: Built between 1494 and 1535 in an exuberant Gothic style, it also shows signs of the beginning of the Renaissance period. A stained glass window by Barillet commemorates the depart of Pierre.

Boucher, born in Mortagne, for Quebec in 1662.The altar is surrounded by magnificent woodwork dating from the 18th century.

The cloister at the hospital: from former convent of the order ‘Clarisses’ there still remains the cloister built in 1505 by Marguerite de Lorraine. The only one in the county of the Orne.  

The crypt of Saint André: A beautiful gothic chamber from the 13th century, under the Tribunal (courthouse). 

Gateway Saint Denis and the Museum of the Perche (3 rue du Portail Saint-Denis): the 12th and 16th centuries, this gateway is evidence of the existence of ancient fortifications. It houses, on two floors, the exhibition of the Museum of the Perche
It presents the local history collection including several works by Jules Chaplain, a medallion engraver from Mortagne, the designer of the 20 Franc gold coin.

The headquarters of the Counts of the Perche and the Alain museum (Rue du Portail Saint-Denis): In this base for the Counts of the Perche, which dates from the 17th century, an exhibition retraces the life of the philosopher born the third 
Of March 1868 in Mortagne.
Display of furniture, objects, books and manuscripts that belonged to him.

Also worth seeing:

The Town Hall garden, houses full of character, private residences.
The international black pudding festival: Since 1962, the date of its creation, fellowship of « the taste of black pudding » organises on the 3rd weekend in March each year, “The International Best Black Pudding Competition”

Nogent le Rotrou : (18 minutes from Bellême)
Not to be missed :
The château Saint-Jean at Nogent-le-Rotrou :
The keeps date from the beginning of the year 1000.
The walled courtyard and the seven round towers, added in the 12th and 13th centuries.
The château is open to the public all year round. The living quarters, walls dating form the Renaissance, contain a museum dedicated to life in the Perche during the 19th century, day to day and industrial life.
All the rooms, except the keep, can be visited there are visits accompanied by an historian on occasions.

The town of Alençon: (38 minutes from Bellême)
It was during the 9th century, when the region was being Christianised that the town of Alençon was born.

Visit :
The house where Saint Thérèse was born.
Thérèse Martin lived there on 2 January 1873 when she became a Carmelite under the name of Saint Theresa of the Infant-Jesus,
and later would be named Doctor of the Church. The sisters guard the memory of the great saint.

Museum and chapel.

Residence at Ozé
Superb building from the end of the 15th century, enhanced by a garden And a specimen orchard
Tourist Office on site

The dukes’ château Dating from the 14th – 15th centuries. Converted into a prison.

The corn exchange : A monumental circular building started in1806, topped off by a metal dome from around 1850. Important centre for the buying and selling of seeds, the corn exchange is now an exhibition centre.

Tourist circuits for cyclists, ramblers and horse riders, river fishing (classed 1st category) in the Huisne, Villette, Chêne-Galon and lake fishing in the pool the Folle Entreprise, swimming pool, 18 hole golf course at Bellême St-Martin, tennis, table tennis,
flying club, hunting….
Horse riding centre – Haut Val- 61130 Bellême, Tele: 06 68 86 43 24 (5 minutes from the hotel)
Bowling, archery, clay pigeon shooting
Fishing in the Huisne and the Même
at Nogent-le-Rotrou : Capital of the Perche (18 minutes from Bellême)

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in Bellême St-Martin, in Le Perche, l'Orne in Normandy
Part exterior part interior heated swimming pool in season

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